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A years ago I was lost and had no direction on what I wanted or could do with my life career wise. Then I heard a sermon from Pastor Hunt about what's your purpose in life and it made me look at things differently.  I am enjoying the ups and downs and learning so much along the way. I would like to thank Jasen and Penelope for being patient with me along the way.


frm disciple

My spiritual journey was very hard as I was living a life not honoring by God. I use to lie, steal, fight, and ETC. When I met Jason & Penelope they pray for me a prayer I would not forget.

Recently I got baptize and my life has been slowing improving.


THANK YOU Jason & Penelope Hunt now I have a family that supports me and loves me.


Conference Call Member

My last apartment had mold which ruined a lot of my clothes shoes and furniture. After moving out into my place I didn't have the funds to furnish my apartment. I watched months and months go by. I would sometimes wonder when if ever I'd be able to furnish my home. Then my brother came to town to visit during spring break. While visiting he purchased brand new furniture, as well as rugs, vacuum, towels etc for my home. About $2000 worth of furniture and things for my home. I thank God for that because I would've never expected this. Now my home feels like home. What a blessing!

Financial Miracle by Steve R.

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I wanted to share my testimony. 

5 years ago made and investment with an individual. I was dealing with refurbishing airline ground support equipment. So I got together with them because they were familiar with the industry they all the contact. I understood the numbers it made since on paper everything aligned. just to assure you it wasn't some to good to be true type of situation, just the individual didn't do there part. We got the equipment, got all the parts, that is when it started going downhill. Everything was at a standstill, three years went by back and fourth, it was really draining. Until i met up with prophet and prophetess Hunt, I told them what happened and what was going on with. The man of prayed with me, told as well that God will resolve the situation. A release happen at that moment and I just knew that God was going to deal with it. also the Man of told me that not only it would be resolved, they will be profit as well. less then a year later everything happened just as he said. 

I thank God for Prophet and Prophetess Hunt God really do have His mantle on their life.

I just had to speak these word and say my testimony prophecy fulfill. 

thank you for being the servants of God that you are. 

Phyllis Scott


speak the Word of G-d    Thank you Thank you for loving Jesus and praying for us all.

I know this is a year later, but I found this prayer right when it was needed so thank you!

I know this is a year later, but I found this prayer right when it was needed so thank you!

"Never limit God"- I needed this reminder. For all our moments of human doubt, God can turn things around in the blink of an eye. I need a miracle to get into an academic training program and I strongly feel you speaking to me through Jesus' wisdom. Thank you! God bless you abundantly!

Janice White


Thank u. God Bless



Praise God!!!

Denise Bell


Thank you...God bless you for your prayers..

sur 13 orange county


thank you for this healing prayer may god bless you and your work and bless your ministry!!

ace mynster


Thank you for the prayer god bless

Lupe G

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Add TestimoniaHello Jason I watched some of your videos and I love them. It shows how much you love God. I'm so happy for what God has done for you. I want to ask you if you can PLEASE Pray for my sister _____  she has breast cancer. We are trying to get closer to God as we are going through this. We both believe and have faith she is going to be healed. Thank you for all the wonderful videos you help us have hope. GOD BLESS YOU!!!l here

Davon J

"Who Am I Conference" 2014

On December 13, 2014, I attended the Who Am I Conference hosted by Prophet Jasen and Penelope Hunt.

At the end of the night, there was an altar call for those who were battling with sickness or illness in their body. I personally did not have any sickness or illness in my body, however, I knew a friend of mine who did, and I went up to the altar to receive prayer on my friend's behalf.

My friend was battling with colon cancer and the man of God (Prophet Hunt) prayed for my friend that God would miraculously heal him of his cancer. I told my friend after the conference that I had a prophet to pray for him. I believed the prayer would come to past. I stood in faith that God would heal my friend.

On Wednesday, February 25, 2015, about two months later, my friend who was battling with cancer text me. He said he was in tears just thanking God for just being God and for having mercy on him.  He told me that his CEA, which is a general cancer tumor blood indicator started out at 147.  This is an indication of active cancer cells in his blood stream.  (People who don't have cancer have a CEA number of 2.0 - 5.0.) My friend said that he asked the doctor on his last visit to check his CEA. But the doctor told him that they generally don't do that until the patient has done at least 6 cycles or a full 3 months.  Nevertheless, the doctor agreed to do the test anyway.

The results showed that my friend's current CEA level went all the way down from 147 to 7.6! The doctor told him that it was amazing to see such a shift in such a short period of time. 

I knew that this wasn't by chance, or coincidence, or by luck. I knew that this was an answer to fervent prayers! We truly serve the one and only living God.  My friend is not out of the woods but the Lord has shown him the light and the way out. He said it feels like the shackles have been removed and the prison door opened.

I rejoice in advance for my friend and for his full, and divine healing. Thank you, Prophet Hunt, for your ministry, and for standing in the gap for my friend in prayer. To God be all the glory!



Thank you for let God use you in such a simple, clear and powerful way. This video is such a blessing, my legs stopped cramping in the middle of this video and He had you to speak to me in many areas of my life. God Bless you and keep you

Janet coutinho from india part of Goa


Cannot thank u enough in da name of Jesus for praying me an my mother, every day my mother is watching ur video an she feels better now 2 days passed since she have been watching ur video an by miracle in these 2 days she did not hav any stomach pain an at night also she slept well without having any pain, I hope dis continues an she feels better everyday since we had ur word in da name of Jesus ,thanks to Jesus .

Thank you bother in the name of Jesus


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